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Tacit Brick & Stone brings the artistry of a centuries-old craft into both contemporary and heritage settings. Applying the understanding that what is built should be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional is a driving principle. Tacit Brick & Stone has been privileged to work on many homes and buildings, of both public and personal importance, and strives to meet the unique challenges of each job.



Masonry has not changed much over the years. We do have power tools and equipment, which enables us to do more, but it all comes down to a few hand tools – namely a trowel, hammer, chisel, shovel and plumb bob.

In heritage work or restoration, we can spend much of our time trying to remember what we have forgotten. This is one of the rewards of my work – finding the narratives which are part of both the buildings and people who live and have lived in them.


We know that your home is important to you. That’s why it is also important to us. Tacit will work with you to achieve the vision you have for your home, whether it’s a new addition, chimney rebuild, hardscaping, or basement repairs.

Also work with contractors


Over the past decade, our scope of work has grown to include other kinds of institutions. These jobs still require a

Western-repointing, concrete repair, block additions; One London Place-parking garage, mechanical stone (pillar), drain replacement; London Life-steps, stone repair, pointing, caulking; funeral homes-rebricked wall; municipalities (London-splashpads; Hamilton-repairing statues); hospitals-brick replacement, control joint installation; property management-access, repointing; barn repairs; insurance work; helical wall tie system repair; flashing; lintel and shelf angle replacement


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